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Infrastructural Projects or Infrastructural Facilities

                                                                            SCHEDULE VI
                                                     (See sections 55 and 186)
The term “infrastructural projects” or “infrastructural facilities” includes the following projects or activities:-
(1)   Transportation (including inter modal transportation), includes the following:-
(a)   roads, national highways, state highways, major district roads, other districts roads and village roads, including toll roads, bridges, highways, road transport providers and other road related services;
(b)   rail system, rail transport providers, metro rail roads and other railway related services;
(c)    ports (including minor ports and harbours), inland waterways, coastal shipping including shipping lines and other port related services;
(d)   aviation, including airports, heliports, airlines and other airport related services;
(e)    logistic services;
(2)   Agriculture, including the following, namely:-
(a)   Infrastructure related to storage facilities;
(b)   Construction relating to projects involving argo-processing and supply of inputs to agriculture;
(c)    Construction for preservation and storage of processed agro-products, perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables and flowers including testing facilities for quality.
(3)   Water management, including the following, namely:-
(a)   Water supply or distribution;
(b)   irrigation;
(c)    water treatment.
(4)   Telecommunication, including the following, namely:-
(a)   basic or cellular, including radio paging;
(b)   domestic satellite service (i.e., satellite owned and operated by an Indian company for providing telecommunication service);
(c)    network of trunking, broadband network and internet services.
(5)   Industrial, commercial and social development and maintenance, including the following, namely:-
(a)   real estate development, including an industrial park or special economic zone;
(b)   tourism, including hotels, convention centers and entertainment centers,
(c)     public markets and buildings, trade fair, convention, exhibition, cultural centers, sports and recreation infrastructure, public gardens and parks;
(d)   consideration of educational institutions and hospitals;
(e)    other urban development, including solid waste management systems, sanitation and sewerage systems.

(6)   Power, including the following:-
(a)   generation of power through thermal, hydro, nuclear, fossil, fuel, wind and other renewable sources;
(b)   transmission, distribution or trading of power by laying a network of new transmission or distribution lines.
(7)   Petroleum and natural gas, including the following:-
(a)   exploration and production;
(b)   import terminals;
(c)    liquefaction and re-gasification;
(d)   storage terminals;
(e)    transmission network and distribution networks including city gas infrastructure.
(8)   Housing, including the following:-
(a)   urban and rural housing including public/mass housing slum rehabilitation, etc;
(b)   other allied activities such as drainage, lighting, laying of roads, sanitation and facilities.
(9)   Other miscellaneous facilities/services, including the following:-
(a)   mining and related infrastructure;
(b)   technology related infrastructure;
(c)    manufacturing of components and materials or any other utilities or facilities required by the infrastructure sector like energy saving devices and metering devices;
(d)   environment related infrastructure;
(e)    disaster management services;
(f)     preservation of monument and iconic;
(g)   emergency services (including medical, police, fire  and rescue).
(10)                       such other facility service as may be prescribed.

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