Friday, 13 May 2016

NCLT Services

The NCLT provides complete information related to legal sectors like companies laws and acts , corporate  , Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and more. The NCLT (New Company Law Tribunal) have include information about  Small Company , Defunct Company , Regional Director , Auditor Report , Profit & Loss Account , Women Director , Sick Company , Certificate of Incorporation , Officer in Default , Private Placement , Preferential Allotment , Forms under the Companies Act , Amalgamating Company , Loans and Investments and more information which is related to companies and corporate field.

If you know How to issue ADR/GDR than just log on to and Secretarial Audit is applicable on listed companies for more information available at NCLT.
The NCLT provide knowledge that how to appoint KMP (Key Managerial Person) and What are the remuneration limits for directors are available on NCLT.

Most features of NCLT : -

1. Powers of RD, forms required to be filed with RD and RD orders are available on NCLT.
2 .How to prepare auditor report log on to NCLT.
3 .How to prepare P & L A/C log on to Schedule Section on NCLT.
4 .Which companies are required to appoint women director log on to NCLT.
5 .Criteria related to sick companies are available on NCLT.
6 .How to obtain Certificate of Incorporation log on to NCLT.

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